• Add SSL to Your Website

    With Google Chrome adding an "insecure" flag to all websites that do not make use of an SSL-encrypted connection, it's more important now than ever to add a trusted layer of security and privacy to your website.

    Wire Creative can install and troubleshoot SSL certificate installations!

  • Be Proactive About Your Website

    Is your website vulnerable to hackers? Is it riddled with grammatical errors? Does it feature broken links, distorted images or other indicators of a neglected web presence?

    Ask Wire Creative to audit your website for security, usability, accessiblity and best practices for Search Engine Optimization.

  • Make Your Online Presence Known

    Your online presence is made up of many disparate parts: web sites, landing pages, intranets, domains, subdomains, email addresses, directory listings, newsletters, social media accounts, and a multitude of third-party apps from Google Suite to Office 365, Evernote, and many, many more.

    Make Wire Creative the connecting thread for efficient managing of your company's complete online presence, starting with UX and User Interface Design and following through to all of your hosting account management and digital content creation needs.

Subscribe to website support

For a low recurring monthly fee, you can count on Wire Creative as your on-call website support specialists. You pick your monthly budget and we'll tailor our work to fit.

Wire Creative wants to cultivate a relationship with your company, so we won't charge extra If your requests exceed your budget on occassion and within an acceptable range.



1-page websites:
starting at $500

4-page websites:
starting at $1000

No DIY. We'll handle everything.

If you have your content ready, we'll put you online, quickly and affordably.

If you need content, we can help you find images and write your copy.

Monthly or annual hosting & licensing fees may apply.

In a hurry? Ask for a 1-day turnaround and we'll see what we can do.

Web Design & Development Services

Wire Creative has over 15 years of experience building websites.

We can help you with any or all of the following:

  • Website design
  • Website development
  • Website content management
  • Website template customization
  • Auditing & re-organization of large sites
  • Website content creating and formatting
  • Website architecture consulting
  • Website video & image optimization

Joomla Specialists
since 2009

Wire Creative has been building, managing and supporting Joomla! websites since 2009. We are experts on the best Joomla templates and extensions and know how to set-up a Joomla! site for the most efficient and secure long-term management.

While Joomla! is our Content Management System of choice for most clients, we also support WordPress, Shopify, SquareSpace and just about any other CMS. Services include:

  • Fix or replace broken CMS templates, extensions and widgets
  • Joomla/WordPress core and extension upgrades and updates
  • Migration from one CMS to another
  • CMS extension consultation, testing and license management
  • Automated Joomla/WordPress backups
  • Automated Joomla/Wordpress site monitoring for security issues
  • Monthly Joomla/WordPress site audits for malware & updates

Internet Presence Management

Everything in one place.

Wire Creative can manage all aspects of your online presence, from overseeing the set-up and billing of third-party services & directories, to scheduling your social media content.

  • Website hosting, SSL & backups
  • Domain name registration & DNS management
  • Email account set-up & hosting
  • Unifying and scheduling social media content across platforms
  • Email marketing & anti-spam compliance
  • Website and social sharing analytics
  • Updating data and centralizing management of Google, Yelp, and other online directory services

Real SEO Consulting - Ask us before you hire anyone.

Low-cost SEO services are a shell game and most companies that advertise enticing promises will not offer value for your money. They may even ruin your website.

Before you hire anyone who "guarantees" you a high ranking, ask us for real advice on what kind of SEO help your website needs. Wire Creative can see that your site has the basics covered, tell you what practices result in good traffic, and refer you to a quality SEO specialist who won't degrade your site with illiterate keyword content, useless traffic and unethical attempts to cheat the system.

Wire Creative cares about your online presence. Let us help your website appeal to your real visitors with high-value content that matters.

Also ask us about:

logos / brand development / style guides / media management / video post-production / video encoding / copy writing / content development / digital phone, voicemail & fax services / video conferencing / more...

Wire Creative has been operating in the Portland, Oregon area since 2002.

Wire Creative, LLC
PO Box 1396
Clackamas, OR 97015

Call: (503) 740-3759

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