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Wire Creative

Website Support & Management

At Wire Creative, we build new websites. But more importantly, we keep the websites that we build and manage updated and secured. We aren't a high-volume website production line. We are long-term website support specialists who pride ourselves on the enduring relationships we have with our small-business clients.

Do I need a Web Designer or a Web Programmer? Or both?

How about 'Neither?'

Most small businesses don't need either a Web Designer or a Web Programmer

We can help you understand what you need, so you don't spend your money in the wrong places.

Designers and programmers are specialty positions that add luxury expenses and complications, when most entrepreneurs need a simple and stable website for marketing and lead collecting. And those are common things that should be fast, cheap and easy.

A website manager like Wire Creative isn't going to load you with expensive frills that don't help you reach your customers. We have the tools to build solid, functional, easy-to-navigate and professional-grade websites that are constructed for optimal long-term management, extension and support.

Take a look at our Starter Site packages if you need something on short notice that will get the job done now and with a framework in place for future growth.

Websites don't manage themselves

And most Web Designers don't offer support

Most websites need regular monitoring to keep them secure from hackers and malware. Having an unmanaged website in the wild is like leaving your car unlocked in the worst part of town.

If your current website was built by a designer who doesn't offer ongoing support or maintain your software, it's only a matter of time before some Russian 12-year-old finds a way in to cause you grief.

Wire Creative has low-cost monthly maintenance packages aimed at preventing long-term issues: once a month we can login, make sure everything is up-to-date and secure, and let you run your business with peace of mind.

Is your Website Broken?

Do you have malware? Has your site been hacked? Is your site old and no longer looks good in new browsers? Do you have database errors? Javascript errors? Do you have broken links? Distorted images?

Contact Wire Creative to analyze your website that isn't working, find the roots of its problems, and implement long-term fixes.


The last thing a new small business without a lot of capital needs is an expensive custom-designed website. Wire Creative's Starter Sites bundle many of the same features we offer our high-end clients into a lightweight package that can be deployed quickly and without burdensome costs.

Ask us about:

Discounts for Non-profits

How does lower hourly rates and free website hosting sound? If you're a non-profit organization, we have plans designed to help you help others.


Search engine optimization isn't rocket science, but there are also no easy sure-fire ways to become first on Google. Don't trust anyone who promises that!

What Wire Creative can do is get your site in its best shape for search engines to understand and reflect the value of your website; and Wire can help train you in the best-practices for adding new content that will keep your site relevant within its market.

WordPress Support & Migration

We support a lot of WordPress websites because there are a lot of WordPress sites out there, and most of them need help. We don't like WordPress, because most WordPress sites are made by graphic designers who are only interested in how the site looks, and care little about how the software works. Many are simply looking for a cheap, fast turnaround and aren't concerned for the future of your website.

We can help fix and secure WordPress websites. But we can also help you migrate your inflexible, clunky, broken and poorly configured WordPress website to another system that is less prone to junk development and hacking.

Fix Google "not secure" errors on your website

Add SSL to protect your visitors & your reputation

A few years ago Google started to penalize sites without SSL encryption by decreasng their search reputation and adding a "not secure" notice in Chrome. Not all sites need SSL to protect their data, but now they need it just to maintain a good search engine presence. Thankfully, basic SSL certificates are much less expensive and easier to install than they used to be. Your web host might already offer you free SSL and you don't know about it, or maybe you can get a better deal hosting your site somewhere that does.

Have your web hosting, email and domain name registration managed by a professional

Bundle your domain name registration, website hosting and email hosting through a single manager

At Wire Creative we have decades of experience managing web hosting, email and domain names. These technical services can be tricky and confusing to manage if they're not your usual beat. We deal with them every day.

Wire believes in separating these services: Use a website hosting company for your website. Use an email service for your mail. Use a domain registrar for your domains. Never buy a bundled package of "get started" website services.

If you use Wire, however, we can be your single point of contact for managing all of your online services. We can act as a virtual bundle of domain name, website and email, getting you the best performance from each along with the convenience of a bundle.

Call us before you get started signing up for domain registration, websitehosting and email hosting services, so we can get your small business set-up the right way.