Joomla! Website Support

Wire Creative has over 15 years of experience designing, developing and managing websites big and small.

Wire Creative specializes in building, managing and maintaining websites using the Joomla! Content Management System (CMS).

Wire Creative can fix Joomla problems, install new Joomla tools to make your website more effective, and update & migrate Joomla installations to the latest version for better security and performance.

Joomla! provides a powerful software framework for building a wide range of websites, from simple online brochures to extensive e-commerce catalogs and feature-rich social communities. Joomla's web-based administration panel is clean and intuitive, and the software is supported by a vast developer community that has created thousands of extensions catering to the needs of different types of websites.

After years of building websites from scratch, eventually developing a CMS for our own use in 2004, Wire Creative finally adopted Joomla! as its framework of choice in 2009.

Since 2009, Wire Creative has become deeply familiar with Joomla and its developer community. We know which extensions will best keep a site engaging, efficient and secure; and which template developers provide the best features, style and code.

If you need a custom Joomla extension, Wire Creative's network of developers can customize existing extensions to meet your needs, or create a new extension from scratch.

Wire Creative is a member of JoomlaPDX.

WordPress Support

WordPress, with its stylish marketing and appealing learning curve, has become the most well-known of the major CMSes by appealing primarily to bloggers. While we like the simplicity of WordPress's user interface, we also find the software too limited for most websites.

Sadly, a huge industry has arisen around WordPress, run by barely knowledgable webmsters who charge very little. The result has been hundreds of thousands of cheap but poorly assembled WordPress websites left unsupported by their creators, with the site owners left in the lurch.

If you have a WordPress website, we can help you manage and support it. If your needs have grown beyond WordPress' limited scope, we can help you migrate to a better and more secure system.

Wire Creative can set-up automated monitoring and backup services for both Joomla! and WordPress, both on-demand and as a monthly subscription.

Wire Creative is proficient in the setup and management of the following Joomla! extensions and features: Joomla Extra Fields, Akeeba Backup, Yootheme Warp templates, Yootheme Pro templates, Yootheme Widgetkit, Yootheme UIKit, Joomla Content Editor, RSForm Pro, RSFirewall, SH404SEF for URL and keywords management, Regular Labs' Advanced Module Manager, Regular Labs' Modules Anywhere, Regular Labs' DB Replacer, K2, Content Uploader, MijoShop, Virtuemart, and many, many more!

Wire Creative can offer a discount on the licensing of some Joomla! templates and extensions. Ask us before you pay for it yourself!

Other Content Management Systems

If you need an e-commerce solution, both the Joomla! and WordPress developer communities have multiple options, but we've come to appreciate the power and ease of Shopify, which eliminates the hassle of hosting your own online store. We can help you pick a Shopify template, customize it, and get your store up and running.

Another Content Management System that has become popular is SquareSpace, which appeals to customers with its Do It Yourself tools. However, even DIY systems can benefit from the guiding hand of a web expert. If you need help navigating the SquareSpace set-up process, or getting the most out of the system for your content, we can help with that and other CMSes, including PageKit, Pagecloud and many more.

Wire Creative has been operating in the Portland, Oregon area since 2002.

Wire Creative, LLC
PO Box 1396
Clackamas, OR 97015

Call: (503) 740-3759

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